Monday, September 15, 2008

Medical school sucks

For all you bright-eyed bushy-tailed people straight out of school who want to save lives, and cure cancer, and make lots of money like those hot people on Gray's and ER ... No.

It's just not like that at all. Real medicine is hard, and degrading, and gritty, and policital, and nothing like the TV.

As you might guess from the title and the bitterness in this post, I'm preparing for my exams which are in about a week's time (probably what I should be doing rather than posting here ...), and I'm really really sick of it. Being a med student is a really humbling thing. Back in school, I was really good at being smart, and good at music, and I actually felt like I was "best" at some small things. In med school, you are treated like dirt, constantly reminded that you don't know anything, don't know how things work, aren't getting paid, and so on. It's ... depressing.

Still, on the bright side, hopefully I will pass my exams, and drunken hilarity will ensue, and my return to tabletop gaming will too.

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