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Character Stats: Frozone

"Girl, I don't wanna know about your mild-mannered alter ego or anything like that. You tell me you're a… super-mega-ultra lightning-babe, that's fine with me. I'm good. I'm good." - Frozone

(picture from Movie City News; direct link)

Long time friend of Mr Incredible, Lucius Best (aka. Frozone) is a superhero with the power to manipulate the water molecules in the air and freeze them. This power gives him the ability to freeze foes, slow them down and create platforms of ice which he can skate on. He has specially designed boots which he can transform at will into ice skates, skis, or a disc which he uses as a snowboard. He is limited only by extreme heat (in which he loses use of his powers).

Frozone, PL 10

Str 10, Dex 26, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 16

Toughness +2/+8, Fort +10, Ref +15, Will +10

Attack: Base +6, Ranged +10, Melee +6

  • Unarmed attack +6 (DC 15)
  • Ice bolt +10 (DC 25)
  • Snare +10 (DC Ref 20)

Defense: +12, Flat-footed +6, Initiative +16


Acrobatics 15 (+23), Bluff 10 (+13), Notice 6 (+8), Stealth 9 (+17), Survival 4 (+6)

Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Focus (Ranged) 4, Defensive Roll 6, Distract (Bluff), Environmental Adaptation (Ice/snow) 1, Evasion 2, Favoured environment (Ice/snow) 1, Improved Initiative 2, Move-by Action, Quick Change 1, Uncanny dodge (vision, hearing)


Cold Control 10 (5000ft)

  • Ice bolt (Blast 10)
  • Create object 6 (ice shapes; Feat: stationary, Extra: Duration – continuous)
  • Super-freeze object (Drain Toughness 10; Extra: Ranged, Flaw: Limited [objects])
  • Ice slick (Environmental Control 10 – Hamper move [25%])
  • Blinding snow (Environmental Control 10 – Distraction [DC 10])
  • Ice bind (Snare 10)


  • protective visor
  • specially designed boots - change as a free action into skis, ice skates, or a disc

PP: 149


First, the intellectual property of Frozone is completely owned by Disney, Pixar, Dark Horse comics, and so on.

Frozone is one of my favourite Incredibles characters. He is always cool (ba-dum ch!), calm, and collected. He's that really charismatic guy we always wanted to be back at school. As for his powers, control over freezing water molecules is a very awesome power. You can kind of do anything you can think of. As it turned out, buying this power in  M+M was surprisingly cheap. 10 ranks of cold control was only 20PP, and with everything else being an alternate power, he has a fair amount of versatility without much cost. I was able to cover everything I could remember from the movie, and add a little bit more. I also added the power drawback of power loss in extreme heat (e.g. during the building fire, he is unable to use his powers because he is dehydrated and there is no water in the air).

The only thing I had a little bit of trouble figuring out was his movement while skiing. After reading the movement rules a few times, even looking for some super-movement attributes, I decided that if I were to run this character, I would probably just houserule that while he's skiing, he is able to move at 2 or 3 times the normal speed, but he must use create object (ice shapes) once per round to make the next bit of track.

As for the rest, I figure he's very dexterous, but not that strong or tough (hence the trade-off with defense/toughness). As with Mr Incredible, I gave him distract (bluff), representing his ability to get villains "monologuing" (one of my favourite concepts from the film).

Anyway, let me know what you think. Comments, questions, ideas for improvement, things you would do differently.

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