Thursday, September 25, 2008

Character Stats: Medic 3659

(Picture from Starcraft Wiki; credit to them; direct link to picture)

The result of an extensive secret military program to correct a perennial problem, the MediSuit program was initiated to allow medical personnel to get to injured soldiers on the battlefield, perform first aid, and evacuate the injured soldiers without being destroyed as a priority target.

The MediSuit P3-X7 model is equipped with a jet-pack allowing for superior maneouverability on the field, as well as powerful hydraulic servos allowing extraction of soldiers from under heavy objects. Massive armour plating gives protection under heavy fire, and the arm-mounted auto-cannon and missile launcher allow the MediSuit to lay down cover fire or disable attacking forces. A large array of sensor technology allows the wearer to operate in poor light conditions (even blind, using radar), as well as scan patients with IR and X-Ray on the field.

Medic 3659 is part of a cross-over program between the MediSuit Development Unit and the Genetic Engineering Department, placing genetically engineered healers (with innate healing ability, but little to no combat ability) in front-line “heal-and-retrieve” positions. With their ability to even resurrect falling soldiers, the army has noted a significant increase in soldier retention and morale.

Note: When I imagined this character concept, it started with a simple battle-suit idea, then the idea of a front-line medic came to mind, and it grew on me. In the end, I kind of envisioned the character as being somewhat like the Medics from Starcraft (also, because I have no artistic skill, that is where I went searching for my reference picture).

Medic 3659 (in MediSuit P3-X7), PL 10

Str 10/30, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 20, Wis 18, Cha 12

Toughness +10, Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +7

Attack +3 (Ranged +7, Melee +3, Grapple +13)

  • Unarmed Attack +3 (DC 25)
  • Auto-cannon +7 (Blast 5, DC 20)
  • Homing Missile +7 (Explosive Blast 4, DC 19)

Defense +6, Flat-footed +3, Init +0

Computers 8 (+13), Knowledge: Life Sciences 8 (+13), Medicine 12 (+16), Notice 4 (+8), Profession: Medic 8 (+12)

Attack Focus (Ranged) 4, Defensive Attack, Improved Defense 1, Improvised Tools


MediSuit P3-X7 (Device 17) – Restricted to use by Genetically engineered medics

  • Flight 4; Alt Power: Super-Strength 4
  • Auto-cannon (Blast 5, Extra: Autofire 1); Alt Power: Missile Launcher (Blast 4, Extra: Area, Explosion, Feat: Homing)
  • Enhanced Strength 20
  • Protection 10 (Extra: Impervious)
  • Communication 6 (Radio, Feat: Subtle)
  • Datalink 1 (Radio)
  • Super-Senses 12 (Darkvision, Distance, Direction, Infravision, Low-light, Radio, Ultravision, X-ray)

Healing 5 (Feats: Persistent, Regrowth; Extras: Resurrection)

Hope you like it. Please post comments, let me know if/where I went wrong, how you think it could be improved, anything you'd like to see, etc.

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